Heres the ‘how to’ on spangling antique bobbins, or any type of bobbins for that matter. You will need…
Some flat sided cutters and needle nose pliers, the type used for jewellery making…
Some bendable copper wire, again used in jewellery making and easy to find in any craft store. And finally beads…
I had bought these glass beads especially as I thought the antique bobbins deserved a little something special. Firstly cut a length of wire, I used my scissors as a rough guide, making sure you have enough excess wire for securing.

Next, thread a centre bead down the wire and fold, making sure the bead sits in the centre of the length of wire.

Thread another bead of your choice through both ends of the wire, this will secure the centre bead, then separate the wire.
Next thread on some beads on either side of the wire. I usually do mine symmetrical but its really down to your preference.
The beads are then ready to thread onto the end of the bobbin. Thread the wire through and secure by twisting the wire together.
Keep twisting until wire is good and secure.
Using the flat sided cutters, trim off the excess wire where the twist ends.
Then, using the needle nose pliers, flatten out the sharp ends of the wire.
The twist of wire can now be coiled up and either threaded into the bobbin hole or tucked just inside to avoid snagging. Note, this is quite a tricky process, but as long as the ends are hidden you should be safe from snagging.
And now you’ve spangled your first bobbin.

I hope this is of some use to you. Please let me know if you’ve tried this as I know bobbin lace is not as widely practised as it once was and I would love to hear that this tutorial has been of some use.