Firstly for the following pattern I used Wendy Sorrento DK and a 4 3/4mm hook. You will need just under 100gs of the main colour, a few lengths to do the edging and a stitch marker.
The patterns is as follows;

To Begin
Magic Loop & 4 sc
R1&R2 – 2sc in each st.
R3&R4 – sc in each st

The toe end of the sock will be starting to spiral.
R5 – 2sc in each st
R6, R7&R8 – sc in each st
R9 – 2sc, sc (repeat to end of round)
R10, R11&R12 – sc in each st
R13 – sc in next 4 sts, sc2tog (repeat to end of round)

The toe end of the sock will have taken this shape.
R14 – R38 – sc in each st

This is the length of the foot and can be lengthened or shortened depending on the size of your feet.
R39 – sc in next 20 st & ch1
R40 – work sc back across the 20 st & ch1
– work 11 more rows turning the work at the end of each row

This will create the heel of the sock.
– crochet 10 slpst in the front loops only so your hooks sits in the centre of the heel.
– fold so the two corners of the heel meet and crochet together in the back loops using sc

Positioning the hook at the centre of the heel means that the work will be continued as one piece rather than tying off and starting again at the top of the heel. It’s a bit fiddly but worth the hassle
R41&R42 – sc in each st
R43 – sc2tog, sc (repeat to the end of round)

This will shape the ankle of the sock
R44 – R57 – sc in each st
– secure and sew in ends.

Yey one whole sock!
Next is the picot edging.
R1 – sc in each st

R2 – slpst, dc, slpst in each st (repeat to end of the round)

– secure and sew in ends.
Repeat from the top for a matching pair. Enjoy!!!
(Please note this pattern is free, and will remain so, however I would ask to please accredit my work where appropriate. You may use this pattern to sell items you have made but please use a link to my page. Many thanks)