Hi folks, it’s the first of January 2016 and I’d just like to start by wishing everyone a happy new year! If you read my blog you will know that the last time I posted we were going through a family crisis, well, the crisis is far from over but at the minute everything is as well as can be expected, suffice to say were hoping for the best.

As it is I’ve been quite busy in the last 6 months and unsure of where to start, so I suppose . . .


A beautiful picture of the Yorkshire Wolds, me and the bf did a sponsored walk back in September raising money for the Sick Children’s Trust and Ward 52 at Leeds General Infirmary. The walk was 13.65 miles long and it took us just under 7 hours. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life but we walked every metre of it and it was rather beautiful. So much so we intend to do a lot more walking in future.


We walked through an area called the deer park which was I think the relic of an old manor or stately home, there was even a deer shelter, almost like a stable without doors and these we learned were built in the 1600’s.

The walk got higher and higher as we ascended the wolds and became all the more lovely, the views really are spectacular. We ended our walk at the highest village on the wolds and are sure to walk in the area again.


In July I had a birthday and turned 30 years old, normally I would let the event pass as quickly as possible however I received some delightful gifts. Off my wonderful friends . . .

Some beautiful Cath Kidston teacups and teapot. Still unused I’m afraid as I’m saving them for special occasions. Also the bf’s mum booked me and the bf and two others a cream tea at a lovely little teashop in a village not far from town.

Cream Tea

The homemade quiche was particularly good. Though my birthday was in July we actually went for the cream tea at the beginning of our week off in October which was the start of a brilliant week. We did our usual jaunt to York which, as creatures of habit, commenced with a trip to Betty’s at Halloween. Their window display was particularly good and we treat ourselves to the chocolate taster plate which speaks for itself.

I must apologise for some of the picture quality, a lot of these I took on my phone and others are simply the result of our computer dying and having to use a laptop kindly loaned to us. York was gorgeous as ever in its Autumnal apparel, and I couldn’t help but snap this pic of the city walls blanketed in autumnal foliage.


We walked through the York gardens and the light was perfect for photography. There was even a Birds of Prey demonstration.

While at York we also visited the National Railway Museum, and I simply can’t understand why we’ve never been before. I was in heaven . . .



This burgundy coloured train was called the Duchess of Hamilton and was by far my favourite locomotive in the museum, so perfectly art deco it was a relic of the sleek and sophisticated era of 1930’s glamour. The bf also bought me some art deco earrings from the giftshop which I’ll endeavour to share a pic of in a future post.

I highly recommend the museum if your ever are looking for something to do, the museum is free and asks only for a voluntary donation.

Also on our week off we took a journey to Leeds which is around an hour by train from where we live. We went with the purpose of visiting the Royal Armouries, again a place we have never been and yet is readily accessible, free of charge and incredibly interesting.

Again the images are a little blurry, the first is of the stairwell at the armouries and the second is of a Vampire Hunting Kit. All the components of the kit are authentic Victorian artifacts, apparently Vampirism was a real worry back then.

As it was the week of Halloween we could not go without decorating the house and carving some pumpkins, I was rather pleased with how they turned out this year.


I did the castle and the bf did the creeper from minecraft at my request. The green glow stick was perfect don’t you think? I also tried for the first time, the candy corn we bought back in February and was pleased to find a sweet and marshmellowy flavour. Yummy!


With Halloween out of the way Christmas soon crept upon us and with it came a new skill . . .

Bracelet 2

Friendship bracelets, though I’ve found their just as useful as bookmarks. They are also incredibly addictive and therapeutic to make, hence why I made several this year for presents. I’m quite excited to see what else I can achieve with this new hobby.

As usual I’ve made a ton of new years resolutions and I’m determined to keep them this year. With recent events in my life I’ve come to realise just how important it is to enjoy every minute you have and its my aim to do just that. See you folks soon.